Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported Aug. 9, 2020

Posted: Aug. 9, 2020 12:20 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder


Gregory L. Etter, property at 2428 Cedar St., to Laura E. Xamis.

Michael D. Eager Jr., property at 1125 Madonna Drive, to Thomas J. Weise and Brittany L. Weiss.

Diane R. Campbell and Douglas T. Campbell, property at 925 S. 19th St., to Adrainna M. Desmond and Matthew J. Wiewel.

Troy L. Mallory Estate, Elizabeth A. Davis, executor, property in Quincy, to Jeffrey L. Terry and Jessica L. Terry.

Shawn M. Irvine, property at 1213 Harrison St., to Caitlin L. Craig.

Brittany L. Ellerman, Brittany L. Ellerman Weise and Thomas J. Weise, property at 1821 Highland Drive South, to Koleen Lord and Rodney Lord.

Westfall Properties LLC, property at 829 S. Fifth St., to Yankee 6 LLC.

Quincy Area Habitat for Humanity Inc., property at 1515 Granview Drive, to Ashley L. Mason and Reservation of First Right of Refusal Provision.

Jordan A. Delonjay, property at 843 S. Sixth St., to F&D Partnership, Donald F. Heck Jr. and Franklin D. Heck.

KRLR Development LLC, property at 315 Harrington Drive, to Robert A. Gray and Susan M. Gray.

James K. Grootens, property at 2846 Hampshire St., to Nancy Fruehling.

Jeffrey L. Terry and Jessica L. Terry, property at 3009 Lantern Lane, to Laura M. Goehl and Neal P. Pleskunas.

Judy A. Bowen, Judy A. Hicks Estate, Linda Sheurman, executor, property at 821 N. 10th St., to Blessing Hospital.

Keith E. Niewohner and Kraig E. Niewohner, property at 711-713 Payson Ave., to KNK Properties Inc.

Brandon R. Brod and Stacey K. Brod, property at 2337 Mary Lane, to Kimberly K. Duesdieker and Scot A. Duesdieker.

Ginger S. Whittaker, property at 629 Brookfield Road, to Lindsey A. Frese.

Whitney Bichsel, Roger Edwards and Whitney Edwards, property at 800 N. 14th St., to Roger W. Edwards and Whitney A. Edwards.

KRLR Development LLC, property at 4333 Harrington Drive, to McFarland Inc.

Susan M. Baumgartner, property at 1640 Ohio St., to David Baumgartner.

Adams County

Rebecca L. Hedrick and Ricky L. Hedrick, property in Liberty Township, to Rebecca L. Hedrick and Ricky L. Hedrick.

Jolynn Reagan, property at 549 E. 2050th St., Richfield Township, to Susan K. Cray and Troy A. Reagan.

GKA Properties LLC, property in Ursa Township, to Brooklyn M. Whelan and James R. Whelan.

Kolina Arlene Baucom and Zachary Garrett Baucom, property at 1649 E. 2300th St., Columbus Township, to Kolina Arlene Baucom and Zachary Garrett Baucom.

Grace L. Witte and Samuel A. Witte, property in Northeast Township, to Grace L. Witte.

Paul E. Mock and Sally A. Mock Trust, Paul E. Mock and Sally A. Mock, trustees, property at 1951 E. 2000th St., Camp Point Township, to Bryan P. Mock and Jessica L. Mock.

Douglas J. Young, property at 622 N. 1850 Ave., Ursa Township, to Tad C. Peter.

Donald L. Robb and Mary L. Robb, property in Beverly Township, to Christopher W. Bishop.

Erin K. Vonderhaar and Justin M. Vonderhaar, property at 3603 N. 12th St., Riverside Township, to Gregory J. Venvertloh.

Leeper Farms Inc., property in Lima Township, to Craig C. Harness, Gordon B. Harness, Katie L. Harness and Laura L. Harness.