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Rotary Club of Quincy postpones Oktoberfest

Posted: Aug. 11, 2020 5:40 pm

QUINCY -- The Rotary Club of Quincy is postponing its eighth Oktoberfest until 2021.

The postponement is a result of restrictions tied to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

"Like most events in the nation right now, we had to make the difficult decision to postpone our event until 2021," Rotary Club President Latonya Brock said. "We've been fortunate to raise enough funds in previous years that we'll be able to keep most of our commitments to the organizations and projects we support, and that's what is most important."

The Rotary Club created Oktoberfest eight years ago as its largest fundraiser to support many community groups and projects, including parks, shelters and local pools, John Wood Community College, the Salvation Army, Quincy University and many local students through scholarships and other activities.

Oktoberfest is traditionally held in and around the Dick Brothers Brewery and in partnership with Quincy Brewery Arts (QuBA). Most of the activities occur on or near York between Ninth and 10th streets.

Brewery owner and operator Bret Austin said, "This event relies heavily on a lot of things that are very difficult to do right now with the restrictions in place. We continue to restore new areas of the brewery and we're excited to share them with everyone soon -- and with Oktoberfest attendees during next year's event."

Oktoberfest requires permits to close streets and to sell food, sponsorships from local small businesses, a significant amount of resources and upfront expense, plus a large amount of volunteers.

Brock said, "All of the event organizers agree ... that we'll focus on ensuring 2021's event is bigger and better than ever."